Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ten Year Tale on New Years Eve

Last night was New Years Eve.  We went to an awesome party, just 5 minutes walk from home.  As the DJ turned his music down (yeah there was an awesome DJ awe-some) and the new year was counted in... I looked over at Ryan and remember that right then was our original anniversary.  After we all jumped around, kissed and hugged I set about the business of adding it all up... that is working out how long Ryan and I had officially been a couple.

I remember the first time I spoke to him.  I had just flown in from Vancouver at 6am and I was supposed to be going to work - I told the boss I was flying in a day or so earlier than I had.  But it wasn't what occurred, and thus I had to call work and say, oh I'm still jet lagged from flying in two days ago, so I won't be coming in today.  I wanted to talk to my boss, but instead I got Ryan - the new boy, who was shipped in to fill my spot while I was away.  My boss was busy so I had to ask him to pass on the message.

I was working in a medium security male prison at the time.  So he wasn't a new "boy" - he was a screw, who was sitting in my seat pretending to be smart and write work release reports and parole reports.

When I made it into work... I thought I'd get there early to make up for not showing up the day before.  But I was so early that the only person in the office was Ryan and he was literally sitting in my seat.  I introduced myself and told him he was sitting in my seat and that he'd have to move, of course!  He wasn't happy, but he moved.

I remember gossiping during a break with my work colleague, Donna.  She said, you'll either really like him or really dislike him.  I really disliked him - he was arrogant and painfully logical.

One day, after he'd been working in the office a while, he came into work and stunk to high hell like alcohol... he wasn't drunk, but clearly had had a big night and hadn't showered.  He'd been in to see the boss and then came out and told us what had happened.  He'd been caught on his road bike for not stopping at a round-about (for the police car mind you) and then blew over the limit.  I remember just looking at him and saying, oh Ryan.  He went to court, had to pay a $900 fine and lost his license for 6 months.  The judge threw the book at him because he was a prison officer and should have known better.  Unfortunately for Ryan, this meant he couldn't get to work because he lived an hour from work, unless he car pooled with Donna and I because we all lived in the same area, and Donna and I already had this arrangement.

Donna and I took turns at driving and Ryan always sat in the back.  To begin he didn't really take part in our conversations... but as we all got to know each other we'd include him.  I remember having some quite personal conversations with him and I even changed my mind - I did like him afterall.  Sometimes it was just me driving him to work and I remember just being calmed by him in some weird way.  He says now that he used to love sitting in the back seat because he could watch me without me knowing it... and I can say I really didn't.   

It came up to Christmas and I had chrissie eve drinks at my apartment with the people from work.  It was at this point that I knew something was going on for him that included me. 

Really the rest is history, we got together at Donna's New Years Eve party 10 years ago.  It nearly didn't happen though because Ryan had other plans for the evening and said he might drop by on the way home because he only lived 5 minutes from Donna's place.  Donna called him and he was home already... he walked over after midnight and then the rest is history.  You'll have to ask Donna for the details!

Mr C has been driving some of my injection sites crazy  I have one spot on my stomach and another on my hip that itch badly. There is another spot on my stomach that intermittently itches too. Grrrrrr!  In all the places I injected!  Ryan injected my left thigh today and it's ok.  Bit of a 20 cent piece welt though.  I'm wondering if my body has developed an immune response to Mr C... I guess that is what it's supposed to do and why I didn't react straight away.

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