Friday, January 7, 2011


I got up to walk the dog this morning and I knew as soon I stepped outside that I would almost certainly get wet.  The clouds were all grey, puffy and vertically challenged.  As I was already up and not still snuggled in bed I decided to push on with the walk.  Humphrey and I got about 5 minutes around the block when we felt the first spits.  I had a couple of exits points I could use to cut the walk short if it started to rain heavily, which it looked like it might do, rather than just turn around.  But when we got to the second point it still wasn't raining heavily, so we continued. Humphrey was way more enthusiastic than me, but at 5.45am this is always bound to be the case.   It started to get a little heavier and then a little heavier still but we trekked on.  At one point I noticed that water started to trickle down my arm.  It may have been around the time I had to stop and wait for the train with it's smug dry passengers to pass in front of me.  As soon as we made it to our street it stopped raining.  We made it home - soggy but not soaked through.    Humfrey's fluffy fur on his head had deflated into a geek-like center part. 

Mr C went into my left thigh this morning.  It went through it's normal motions, followed by a big 5cm welt.  But then it threw in a curve ball and started to itch this afternoon.  It was in tandem with both injection sites on my hips and the one on my right hand side belly.  Oh joy - not.  The Soov seems to help for a while... maybe it would help more if I put it on more regularly. 

In the future, I know I am going to have to search for the silver lining... I should start thinking about it now, so I have an answer when it is all to horrible to continue - call it what you will negative, pessimistic, preemptive, assertive, organised.  I'm doing this medication, with irritating side effects now, to maintain the standard of life I have now, to be able to enjoy my family, my husband and kids for as long as possible.  To save my kids from having to look after me until well after they are no longer children and hopefully never at all.  I'm doing it now, so that in the future I will still have mobility and cognitive function.  Yeah, but mostly for my beautiful children and husband.

PS I love walking in the rain. 

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