Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Itchy Part 3

Here are the 10 things I've learnt about Mr C's itch. 

1.  Itching does not start on the day of Mr C (and not usually on day 2 either).

2.  First and foremost, DO NOT itch it or it will get worse... much worse!

3.  Stomach and hip sites seem to itch the worst.  I don't do arms... and well, thighs, although they come up in huge welts, only itch a bit.

4.  Do not dwell on the itching - get busy - attend to your screaming child, or neglected household chores (but do not itch or even think about itching where possible)!

5.  Don't itch your itch and then put a "stop-itch lotion" on it and expect it to work - because it will not, not even close!  (Oh and do apply your stop-itch product regularly for it to work effectively).

6.  Sometimes a shower will break the itch, when nothing else will work.

7.  Sometimes pressure on the itch can relieve the itch temporarily.

8.  If you itch, even another, unrelated to Mr C, part of your body, your related to Mr C parts will start to itch.

9.  Hot, sweaty weather seems to make the itch worse.

10.  No rhyme or reason to itching, it comes and goes, waxes and wanes, maybe 3 day after Mr C before it starts, maybe 4 days after or maybe not at all.

For anyone about to start copaxone... I would like to add that the itch is truly bearable - for me it's not a 24-7 thing.  Sometimes it's just not present and life goes on as normal.

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