Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blueberry Bagel

Yesterday morning, my daughter Chynna, asked me what I was having for breakfast.  Knowing full well that I was going to finish off the last blueberry bagel, I said, oh I might have toast.  She said I wanted to have cereal, but I will have toast too.  Cute but infuriating at the same time!  So we came in from the garden and Chynna sits herself at the bench while I am getting out the bread.  She says, mum are there anymore blueberry bagels left.  I say, I don't know... hmmm (thinking time... no good ideas come to mind) hmmmm, let me check.  So I peer into the freezer at the bagel - the last, delicious, sweet bagel, the one I thought about before going to sleep last night and say, there is one left.  We can go halves.  Then we have a long discussion about halves and what it means to have halves.

I cut the bagel in half, toasted Chynna's half and put my half on a plate ready to eat after I had given my son, Sabin his morning breast feed.  He is very distractable at the moment so I keep the bedroom door closed.  Usually the dog gives the door a couple of test shoves to see if it will open then just plonks himself down outside waiting.  Instead, I hear the handle turn and Chynna's little face appears in the crack.  With a wry smile on her face she tells me that she is eating my bagel...  I figure she is joking and keep feeding.  But as soon as Sabin is done, I go out and check out what is going on.

Sure enough, Chynna's plate and my plate had migrated to the coffee table and she has had a quarter of her half a bagel and half of mine!  Cheeky little monkey!  I told you mummy, I am eating your bagel.  I said, where is your toast?  I ate that first.  Well at least I have taught her something... save the best for last.  She went on to tell me that I could have two bites of her bagel - too right, so I had two huge bites.  She was unperturbed and told me to have no more, as it was her breakfast.  What about my breakfast, you little rascal devil child?

Anyway, Mr C went into my left hip today... but a bit more around the back.  I have been experimenting with using the heat pack first, followed by the ice pack for a couple of minutes post injection.  It seems to work ok on all injection sites except those on my thighs.  However I think I might do a round of nothing - no heat or ice and see how much of a difference it makes.  I have a feeling that regardless of what I do, my thighs are a bit more muscular and might therefore be more prone to welts.  Whereas my stomach and hips carry more flab and welt less.  They still get lumps under the skin, but not a big raised egg-like bump.  I know for certain that I am glad the neurologist said not to inject my arms and that the neuro-nurse also agreed.  Otherwise I might not be sitting here in a spaghetti strap top.

I woke up itching this morning, but I tried not to touch and went about my daily morning business, including walking the dog and I either forgot about it or it went away.  It has not yet returned.  Thank goodness.

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