Sunday, January 2, 2011


We went to the beach today... it takes about half an hour to get there, so its a bit of a big deal.  We decided to take Humphrey, our toy poodle because he's been seeing the inside of his crate a lot lately.  We all put on our sunscreen and hoped we wouldn't fry in the 40 degree heat predicted for the day.

When we made it to the beach we were shocked by the number of dogs and people frolicking on the sand - holidays and weather probably contributed to this...because usually you would have the beach pretty much to yourself.  It was way more fun having different dogs and their antics to look at.

Humphrey was in his element once he was let off the lead.  He raced around playing with all the different dogs.  I didn't see any doggie aggro at all.  I was surprised when he launched himself into the water and mentioned it to Ryan, but he said, well actually I take him swimming in the river regularly...

I took the camera out to take some pics of how happy Humphrey was running around and managed to catch him playing where the waves were breaking with a couple of other dogs.  The others dogs mustn't have been concentrating on playing as hard as Humphrey because they all escaped being dunked, unfortunately Humphrey didn't!  Poor little drown rat... I almost caught it on film, you can see the wave just breaking on him!  I had never given much thought to my dog being dunked before - do I need to learn doggie resuscitation?

To the left is my whole family at the beach, plus Humphrey smiling for the camera.  I really enjoyed myself at the beach -  all the conditions have to be just right for this to happen though - hot enough, nice calm readable sets and no wind.

Mr C went into my right thigh today.  It stung, so I put some ice on it, knowing I would come up in a welt... I guess the ice stops the copaxone from dissipating quickly (or something).  However I wasn't expecting a welt the size of Ayers Rocks on my thigh.  My left hip site has been driving me bananas with it's itching today.  I try my hardest not to scratch, but sometimes I give it a light tickle, which probably makes it worse.  From a quick look on the net... it seems that not much helps with the itch.  So I hope after a few weeks my body will become more accustomed to Mr C and go easy on me.

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