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Tysabri and PML update with risk factors - 372 PML cases with Tysabri use worldwide with 85 patients dying, interesting reading and slide show:
Interesting research on the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), it seems immune response to EBV go hand in hand with relapses:
Great, just what all of us on Tysabri want to hear!  Bet the pharmaceutical compant is rubbing its hands together:
A short article about reducing your risk of MS through by paying attention to four risk factors: http:
Abstract of the below study, which showed decreased lesion activity in those in stres management therapy: 
Stress management minimising brain lesion activity in MS, not great news for a stress head like me, but highly motivating indeed:
"Month of birth, Vitamin D and risk of immune mediated disease: A case control study", it's just a short abstract, but an interesting angle:
Really interesting paper on state of play regarding MS cures and prognosis:
The geography of MS.  I just got lucky I guess:

Purple fruits may help ward off MS by bounding iron: 

Chronic Cebebrospinal Venous Insuffiency (CCSVI) and it's involement in MS - sounds interesting, but as the cause, unlikely... I'll back consequence or contributing factor:

Unfortunately having MS doesn't make you exempt from other diseases:

Low vitamin D levels = increased risk of relapses in childhood onset MS patients.  Will vitamin D supplements alter the course of MS in people who already have the disease?  Seems so simple, so I hope the answer is yes:

Which vitamin D to use as your supplement?  Vitamin D3 or vitamin D2... not so confusing: 

This is a YouTube video from Montel Williams entitled, "MS Picked the Wrong Person" 

A good explanation 0f Non-Embryonic Stem Cells and MS: 

Common Virus Plus Low Sunlight Exposure May Increase Risk of Multiple Sclerosis:

Maybe I just hit the jackpot again via being born into this world by c.section...ceasarean section may increase the risk of MS:

Here is a new MS theory for you... MS is a disease of fat metabolism: 

Want to read the original Swank paper from the Lancet published in 1990 (press the download PDF File to access)?

Advances in MS for 2011 (press the download PDF File to access):