Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Cure by Brazil's John of God?

The other day I had some time on my hands and was watching Oprah (yes I was bored with Facebook - shock, horror!)  She was talking to some guests about the Brazilian spiritual healer John of God.  This got me thinking about what I would do to fix my MS.

John of God or João Teixeira de Faria, a 68-year-old man has apparently been performing miracles, as in curing people of their aliments for 52 years.  He takes no credit for his healing stating that God heals through him or more specifically, "the healing Entities who work through John of God are the spirits of deceased doctors, surgeons, masters, and saints."  He performs this work completely free of charge to anybody who requests his help - you do not need to be religious or spiritual yourself.  Oooooo free cure, free free free, so either it doesn't work and he knows it or it really does work and he is completely altruistic, has no agenda and is not motivated by getting filthy rich. 

However before you rush out and purchase an airline ticket, you should know that while he often performs "invisible surgeries", which we'll come to in a sec, he has been known to perform basic surgeries with no medical training and with no pain relief... however none of his "patients" in the Oprah footage seemed to writhe about in pain.  (I guess this is possible if a deceased surgeon AND anesthetist are working through João at that moment.)   Invisible surgeries take place in a group meditation room, where nobody actually lays hands on you. People who have experienced this "invisible surgery" report having vivid mental healing experiences.  Unfortunately, you do not get to choose if you will have an invisible surgery or the real deal, but you can refuse the real deal if it is offered to you, but would you if John of God and his Entities said, you need the real deal - I think not.

João Teixeira de Faria's results have been, in most cases, spectacular - curing brain cancer, arthritis, auto immune disorders and AIDS, repairing brain aneurysms, returning sight to the blind, allowing the lame to walk to name a few, but you get the general drift – he is the master healer.  He also treats emotional and mental health problems.  His website states that every illness is treatable, but with varying results.  How disappointed would you be if you went to Brazil for treatment by John of God, but a few months down the track you were not in the least bit better?  It's worth mentioning that John of God does not ask you to stop conventional treatment of your ailment, quite the opposite in fact, he advocates that you continue your treatment and medications. 

So is this all it takes to cure my MS? Oh, along with wearing white in João presence as this makes it easier, apparently, for a person's aura to be seen.  Well I can do the white... but how about the $2100 odd airfare?  Is there a guarantee... like can someone reimburse my airfare if I'm not cured?  Or do I get my next Brazil airfare free?  Yes I am being a little facetious... because if given the chance (and the airfare) to see John of God I'm not sure what I would do.

I love to travel and I would love to go to Brazil.  So, if I were in Brazil, would I make an appointment to see John of God?

At this point in my disease progression I'm not looking for a miracle cure... it feels strange to write that, because I do want to be cured of this terrible illness before irreversible damage is done. So what does this all mean?  Maybe it means I don't fully understand the power of energy healing, like most people and maybe I just need to have faith that miracles can happen...

Anyone want to sponsor me so I can take a trip to Brazil to test the power of John of God?


  1. Hi,
    Today my girlfriend told me that John of God would be a great way to heal. Therefore I did some reading.

    If you will be asked to do "the real deal", I think you better refuse. This is how a procedure is done:

    I was surprised to see how he grabbed her breast, but it is of course a way to cure breast cancer and since he is in a complete trance and an entity is doing it all, there is nothing bad about it. Yes I am cynical. (read somewhere else that he also grabs breasts when people has non-breast related diseases)

    I want to ask you to look at the video and ask yourself if you see here a GENTLE and WARM HEARTED LOVING MAN at work. Please look closely. Don’t let yourself be blinded by the many stories that he is channeling Gods healing energy and that so many are cured.

    Another video showing his 'real deal' techniques:

    Eye, nose, incision, all old tricks, explained here
    The rough way JoG performs it feels scary to me.

    I wonder when JoG really channels healing powers of entities, why does he put forceps up into someone’s nose? Why does he perform the scrapping of the eye with a knife? For what reason? The healing is said to be done by an entity, but why would the entity need a scapel (JoG also does psychic surgery) when it heals the energy body?

  2. I hope you've received my comments on Joao de Deus. I honestly recommend you not to go there. I consider myself as open-minded, but after what I've seen and read about him, he is clearly a charlatan, however I do understand that many people believe in him. Most people still don't fully understand the strength of the placebo-effect, the spontaneous self-healing of the body-mind which can occur when people believe strongly in the healing method, like the faith-healer. In many research studies and tests of new medicines, f.i. painkillers and antidepressants, 50% of the people significantly improve when they receive the sugar-placebo-pill, while only 65% of the people improve with the real pharmaceutical compound. So our belief is the strongest healer. Since according to JoG's own account millions of people have visited him, there must be huge numbers of people that get cured in this way, by their own power.
    Ever heard of MSM, miracle mineral supplement? I myself am a researcher (biologist) and have investigated this so called new cure (not professionally, just online). MSM is a toxic oxidant and can result in tissue damage in the body and is used as an industrial cleaning detergent. It may kill some bacteria's and therefor work as an antibiotic, but many people claim to have cured due to it. Because a main effect of taking it is that one vomits and gets nausea and this makes people believe that they expel their diseases. The person who invented this MSM cure, Mr Jim Humble (just a humble name like John/son? of God) himself, claims to have cured 80,000 HIV patients in Africa, cancer and many more hard-core diseases. However, there are only his stories and a handful of photoshoped pictures but no proofs. Except the many positive testimonials online of people, especially of those who mistrust mainstream scientific medicine. I think the positive reports are due to the placebo effect. By the way Jim Humble is also trusted because he claims to make no money on it, which is of course completely not true, but it helps people to believe in his method.
    However some health problems are never healed by the faith-healers or by placebo, like transverse myelitis and amputees. People just don't get out of their wheel-chairs there. JoG takes the crutches of some people away and shows a heap of crutches to advertise, but most people with crutches are able to walk a bit without, for a while, especially when they have faith and trust that they can. I would like to see some video's of people walking difficult with their crutches, pass JoG and get his healing, and then drop their crutches (on their own account instead of JoG ripping them from them) and walk easily after that, however this only happens in our fantasy, since if it would really happen, JoG would definitely have that filmed and posted on youtube since it would be a way more convincing advertisement than just a pile of old dusty crutches.

    1. Hi. Wow Anon, you have certainly done your homework. I want to reassure you that I have absolutely no intention of going to see John of God or João Teixeira de Faria. None, nadda, zip! It is sad others don't do their homework too... and I guess that is what I am all about. Do your research and critically evaluate and if you are in doubt google and dig the dirt! Cheers.

  3. Hi Lee-Anne,
    I have just come across your blog while looking into John of God. You certainly are right to keep your eyes open and avoid him at all costs. You are an inspiration to others,although having MS and desperately want to be cured( who doesn't?), you manage daily with common sense, humor and acceptance. But, others have not been so lucky. All is not what it seems and there are many hidden dangers waiting there for unguarded women.And much fear.

    1. You know Lakisha, I had a look at your blog and I just could never imagine being in such a position. In a foreign country, participating in some wacky healing and being taken advantage of in any way, let alone sexually.

      I would do my homework and 1. decide not to go or 2. go and be vigilant and prepared to say no.

      But you are right, I do have all my mental faculties and am not desperate.

      Thanks so much for reading.


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