Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Humphrey , The Toy Poodle Who Never Looks Happy in Photos!

So here I am again.  I haven't been able to blog as regularly as I would like to because I am back studying again.  I'm doing Honours in Psychology (or 4th year) really part time.  Usually part time is two units a semester and you would finish 4th year in two years, but I am doing just one unit a semester... until I have to do my thesis which I have to complete in a year like everyone else, so in theory I should have 4th year finished in three years.  Anyways I am doing a statistics unit and it's not very easy, so it's taking up much of my headspace and time.  I'm procrastinating right now... I should be reading about MANOVA, but I think I have conditioned myself to fall asleep whenever I start to read the textbook... thus I think reading at 1.30 in the afternoon when I'm feeling drowsy is not the best bet!

I keep good company when I'm doing uni homework.  My faithful dog, Humphrey usually hugs my feet while I'm still and is my shadow when I'm on the move.  Mostly he's a good companion - he doesn't whinge, chat back or not eat the food I give him.  But he's not great at giving tight hugs, helping me with stats or making dinner.  Humphrey is an 11 month old toy poodle.  The best thing about him is that he doesn't drop hair at all, which is great because he's an inside dog.  Everyone, and I mean everyone who meets him comments on his colour, either that it is not a usual poodle colour or that he is beautiful or some mix of both.  He's a hard colour to define, kind of a light red/brown.  He is a very happy and playful dog - he's great with the kids and an awesome playmate - he keeps them busy when I'm busy.  He is just the right size too - Sabin has had him in a headlock before and he can jump up and not knock them over.  Right now I can think of three irritating things associated with him... his squeaky bark and high pitch squeal when he thinks he's missing out on something, the fact that I get out of bed at 5.30am to walk him and he never ever looks happy in photographs.

He is actually quite hard to photograph because he just is never still for long enough.  So maybe he is happy but you can't tell because his face is always blurred.  Other people, such as my husband and an anonymous commenter to this blog have pointed out that perhaps he looks unhappy because of his feminine hair cut, ie your typical poodle "do"... pom poms on his legs and fluff on his head.  After all he is a poodle, so Humphrey should expect to have his hair cut appropriately.

I'll let you in a on a little secret... I get Humphrey's haircut in a poodle do because I love to watch my husband's reaction.  He is horrified that we have a poodle that looks like a poodle.  I know - what did he expect... we bought a POODLE!!  When we purchased Humphrey last year he was a tiny ball of fluff, so maybe Ryan thought we bought a poodle that didn't look like a poodle - crazy I know.

The anonymous commenter thought that Humphrey looked like a girl with his pom poms... but check out his latest crew cut, he still looks like a girl.  He has super long eyelashes, which the groomer trims when Humphrey goes in for his regular appointment.  So I think all Humphrey can do is man up, use a deeper bark and wee on way more trees.

I had planned on giving him a mohawk, but the groomer decided that he is still too wriggly for anything that requires a straight shave.  I have to tell you, Lexy the groomer was very upset that she had to give Humphrey a crew cut, because Humphrey’s hair just goes perfectly into a head pom pom (technical term, anybody??).  She point blank refused to trim off his dunny brush tail.  His crew cut  actually matches my husband’s current haircut - a number 2 all over.  Ryan looks like a crim with such short hair and a goatee.  Humphrey looks quite cute and at least I can see his eyes now.

So here is a picture of Humphrey and Ryan - same hairstyle!  Who's most handsome?

I think I know who'll be more annoyed at this comparison!

Poor Humphrey, I think he is just destined to look like a girl and take unhappy looking photographs!


  1. Was just browsing toy poodle sites when I came upon yours. I have a similar problem! My toy poodle never looks happy in her pictures, as well! HER problem though, is that she is a GIRL who has curly BLACK hair. Wearing RED makes her look like a gay man (really cute though, haha), but wearing anything at all just makes her look like a boy dog trying desperately to look like a girl. Whether we groom her to look like a girly poodle, or leave her all fluffy and messy, she never really looks like a girl. Maybe that's the reason she never looks happy in photos. It's a perennial problem. Lol. Goodluck to your Humphrey and to my Charcoal. =)

    1. Maybe it is just toy poodles??? Humphrey has started wanting to attack much larger dogs! I think he has a complex about being small and that is another reason why he just never looks happy....


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