Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Post

Well I thought I'd better get a post in for May.  Who would have thunk assignments and take home exams would take up all of my brain space... well I did, I think I was just in a state of denial.  I love to blog, but it is a hard thing to do when you have already been writing all day.  Academic writing also seems to suck the creativity right out of me - slurp!

But it seems to be worth the creativity been sucked out of me, as for my last assignment about suicide I received 80%.  Yay me!

Right now I am in the participant collecting stage of my honours research.  It is quite an anxiety inducing period.  What if I don't get any participants... what if I only get a couple of participants... what if I get participants who said they had looked for health information online, but haven't really.... what if my participants don't want to talk to me during the interviews!!  Well, those things haven'y happened so I will let them go.

I read about a girl who was diagnosed with MS at aged 12 today - World MS Day!  It made me sad and angry, but also inspired as she was just getting on with her life.  I think us older MSers struggle to come to terms with what having MS means more than younger people, who just seem to move on from diagnosis after the inital greiving period.  Anyways... I have no scientific proof about what I just wrote, but here is the link to the story. 

Bye for now.

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