Thursday, June 7, 2012

Health Information Online, Participants Needed

Are you a reader from Western Australia?  Do you have teenagers aged 13-17?  Do they look for health information online?  Yes, yes and yes?  Oh my God.... please read below.  I need your HELP!

Hi friends. As you may know I am currently involved in research as part of my Honours degree at Edith Cowan University. As an enthusiastic seeker of health information online, I have decided to explore the experiences of adolescents aged 13-17 years old, living in WA, who have sought health information online. Through examining where Western Australian adolescents are seeking health information on the Internet, by means of which devices and understanding what their experiences are of using the Internet for health information, this study will deliver information to health services to provide targeted health messages and improved delivery methods for health messages to adolescents living in WA. Participants are being recruited through this blog post, after which I will send you, the parent or guardian an information sheet and consent forms. If you allow your son or daughter to participate in the interview and answer questions about their online health information experiences, they will be asked to sign a consent form and participate in one to three, one on one Skype or in person interviews with myself lasting between 20-45 minutes in duration. Your adolescent’s participation is voluntary and if they choose to participate, they will be free to withdraw or not answer questions as they see fit. This research has been approved by ECU’S School of Psychology and Social Science Ethics Subcommittee. Once the study is completed the data will be stored securely at ECU and will not have any identifying information about your child. If you have any queries about this research project, are interested in finding out more or would like your adolescent to participate please do not hesitate to contact me by leaving a comment with an email address I can contact you on and I will send you a thorough information sheet about my research. Thanks for your time.

 If your teen fits this profile, please leave me a comment with an email address, which I will NOT publish.  And I will send you an information pack, complete with consent forms.  

I have to put it out there that I will be in no way counselling your teen... and I am not interested in the "why" behind why they have looked at the information online, but rather of their experiences of looking for health information on the internet.  This can have occurred at school or at home for personal reasons or for school.  I have a current Working With Children Check.

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment and email addy and I will answer asap.



PS, If you know of anyone who might be interested in taking part who lives in Western Australia, please refer them to this post.  Ta.


  1. Lee-Anne, good afternoon!
    Now that I found your blog, I am an avid reader.

    Ana Martins

  2. Very interesting this work that you are developing!

    kissy, Ana Martins

    1. Thanks Ana. I like to write, but my research seems to be taking up all my time at the moment. I hope my work will be very interesting and produce some usable results.


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