Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yoga For Me.

So, I often drive home after a yoga class, in a state of... authenticity.  I can't quite explain it any other way. I have found today that trying to capture in words, how I feel after a yoga class is an elusive task which maybe I just don't possess skills for right now. Does everyone feel differently after a yoga class, depending on their experience and their focus? Perhaps - or maybe we all feel the same.  I hope so!

I would love to do a yoga class every day to learn to maintain this state for longer periods of time.  It is so easy to lapse out of when you stop for petrol, answer the phone or just return from the yoga studio to your everyday life.  While I do have a home yoga practice, it is often rushed or interrupted with demands for breakfast. So while I get a lovely stretch, I don't always get the state of mind I am trying to describe... but here are a group of words which is my attempt at describing how I feel during and after a yoga class.

Stretched and open.
Spacious, open, expansive.
Open mind,
Open heart,
Open thought.
Open to love,
Open to pain.
Moves in, moves out.
Nothing is permanent.
Nothing holds on.
Clear and unhindered.
Nothing is good, nothing is bad.
It is.
Breathe in, breathe out.
Thoughts move in.
Thoughts move out.

This is a lovely love song that, while being totally self-indulgent on my behalf, has some pertinent lyrics for my mind while practicing yoga... "stay open".  I'm not normally a soppy love song kind of gal, but this song speaks to me right now.  Check it out here, Rhye - Open.