Randomness of Me

It doesn't matter whether I'm writing a 4th year honors assignment or this blog... I always seem to have some spelling errors, grammatical errors or some darned error.  I do re-read all my work and I have lost marks for stupid errors - I just can't help it.  Sorry!

I read distburbingly slowly... I need to take a speed reading course! 

I like warm milk on my cereal, even during summer for the most part.  The exception to the rule, is cornflakes. I like cold milk on my cornflakes during summer only.  There is nothing better than Coco Pops all dunked into warm milk, it's just so much better than cold crunchy Coco Pops.  Even on Weetbix I prefer warm milk... I'm just not into crunchy first thing in the morning - it seems a bit too cheery and too much like hard work! 

I'm not into horror movies at all.  My imagination is quite active enough, without filling it with other people's horror stories.  I remember not being allowed to watch a particular movie as a child... but I snuck out of my room without being seen and watched it.  I saw a plate of glass fall off a glass truck and slice off a man's head... the head then rolled down the street.... do you know what movie it was?  I'm pretty sure it was The Omen... needless to say it scarred me for life.  So... I don't do horror movies.  And if I did it would have to be first thing in the morning.

I get appallingly cranky due to a lack of food or sleep or if it's both, you will hit the jackpot! 

I love pizza.  I could eat a whole pizza all by myself - no problems!  I don't know if I am unusual for a girl in this regard... We aren't talking thin crust either - deep pan all the way.  Load it up with veggies and I am happy to have no cheese.  Cheese is good, but not so good if you have MS and are trying to watch your saturated fat intake.  I love pizza in Canada where you can buy it by the slice, so you can have a little at lunch.  In Perth I love Stuzzico - mmm mmm, you have to try it if you haven't already.

I love pig cartoons such as Peppa Pig, Olivia and Wibbly Pig.  I can't help it.... piggies are soooo cute!

I really dislike it when you get up in the morning and there is no coolness in the air.  It's suffocating and oppressive - it feels like the day is old already.  It's hard to get going, because I know it is going to be HOT... I'll probably be in a crappy mood and waiting to melt into a puddle on the ground. I think the fresh coolness evaporates from the morning air if the temperature doesn't drop below 22 degrees or so.   I dread mornings like this - they are appalling!

I LOVE to travel.  I love it all.  I love getting on the plane, I love sitting on the plane, I love getting off the plane, oh ok I love standing in line at customs for an hour a little less than fully totally, but I really REALLY love to travel.  If I didn't have kids and a mortgage I have no doubt in my mind that I would be overseas exploring, learning and immersing in another culture.  I'm not so much into being a tourist and staying at a resort, although with kids this is very handy indeed... I really enjoy living as much as possible like a local and in most cases this means staying for more than a couple of weeks.  Luckily my husband, Ryan is like minded... not so long ago he mentioned moving to Seattle...we considered it and then the latest interest rate hike knocked us back into reality!  Did I mention I love to travel (and read and have a good imagination too).  I can dream can't I?

I used to be school captain at WHDHS.  Coincidentally, my husband also was school captain at his school.  Weird and nifty or what?   

I really enjoy watching foreign films.  For instance on the weekend I watch an Indian movie called, Love Aaj Kal.  I was only going to watch a little bit of it, but it was so funny that I stayed up and watched all of it.  I have no problems reading subtitles and watching whats going on, like so many people seem to complain about.  It's nice not to watch a formulaic, run of the mill, predictable Hollywood block buster.   I guess, in a way, it is another form of travel, albeit vicariously.  One of my most favourite films of all time is called Kung Fu Hustle.  I first saw most of this film on a bus in China going from Wuxi to Suzhou.  I was with some western friends and we were chatting and kidding around and generally ignoring all the Chinese passengers who were peering at us.  Slowly but surely we were all drawn to the TV when we heard other passengers starting to laugh.  The movie was Kung Fu Hustle and it was hilarious, like fall on the floor, tears rolling down your face FUNNY!  It was unfortunate that we arrived at Suzhou before the movie ended.  I was quite distraught, as I thought that I would never see the end of the film.  When we were back home in Wuxi, I attended my nearest dvd store, yes one of those stores with new release dvds for $2 and found Kung Fu Hustle.  Imagine my surprise on returning home to Perth and seeing it on the big screen!  I don't know if it is  funny everyone or just me because I have lived in China and understand the humour??

I've come to know this about myself... I'm an "experience" person.  I will do things just for the experience.  So if I haven't done it before and the opportunity becomes available - there's a good chance I'll be up for it. Like holding a big fat hairy tarantula with my bare hands. Unfortunately my resume/CV looks a bit like a dog's breakfast... due to this little habit of mine!

I hate hate hate vomit.  I can deal with poo, but not spew.  I don't want to do it, smell it, look at it or have to clean it up ever! (I don't guess anyone really loves it!)

I hate folding and putting away washing... It's kind of a problem when you have little people in the house that tend to make a sh*tload of dirty clothes.  I don't mind washing and hanging the washing - hmmm note to self, must re-train husband.

I used to be known as "Antique Girl", not because I collect antiques, but because I love really pretty, girlie jewellery (and clothes) that I guess looked antiquee.

I would kill for a nice hot cup of Miso Soup.  But I would just about kill anyone who put brussel sprouts on my plate and expected me to bring them to my lips!!