Saturday, February 11, 2012

Great post

Check out this post by Travis White, "Everybody's Got Something".

Make of it what you will - everybody's got something... a disease, financial problems, a big public speech to deliver, I dunno - criminal issues, lost someone they love... grieve and deal with your issues for sure, but to quote Travis, "you’re not a special case. Just get on with it.” 

In my book, you really don't have a choice, face your problems and live or hide and die a slow painful death of self-denial, guilt, self-loathing and probably add a good serving of anxiety and depression on top of that too.  Move forward - onwards and upwards.

The best reward is to realise this... Thanks for the quote again Travis, "We all have problems to face but we all have something positive to contribute as well". Perhaps it is as simple as living your life how you want to live it.  Perhaps it is winning a Noble Peace prize.  Perhaps it is raising lovely children.  It could be anything that means you aren't standing still concentrating on your issue or problem.  

Don't let "it" paralyse you.

Good luck my friends.

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