Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Not Lazy Just Overwhelmed!

So uni started for me last night and this morning.  I am doing two units, Health and Clinical Psychology and Advanced Developmental and Professional Issues in Psychology.  Both sound pretty good to me - more practical than other units I have done thus far.  I am starting to think, after 4 years, the powers that be at uni think I am serious about becoming a psychologist (finally)!

But I can tell you this for nothing... I am shitting myself!!!!  Two units, with all their reading, assignments, group work, exams and in class talks is freaking me out - not to mention my impending thesis.  I have never done so much academic work and run a family before... plus exercise and watering my garden.  Oh what about writing my blog?  I'm not lazy about posting, just overwhelmed!

One big, massive, ginormous weight off my shoulders is that I have just about finished my research proposal for my thesis that I will be completing this year.  So I can nearly finish having a coronary about it.  I am quite proud of myself, because only a a couple of months ago, having received an example of a proposal from my supervisors, I thought I was way, way in over my head and about to drown.  However at a plodding pace, I have written it, written it well AND now it is nearly done.  Yay me!

It is normal for me to feel completely overwhelmed and ridiculously stupid at the beginning of semester.  I know this, because I have been there before many times.  I know this and am making allowances for it this time, ie I am trying not to beat myself up so much.  I feel stupid because I haven't learnt the new information yet and I feel overwhelmed because I haven't done the work yet.  I just have to get organised - super organised.

You know what, I can't give up running my family (and home), not that I do it alone.  I was surprised when last night and this morning I missed doing the things with my family that I normally would at those times.  Maybe surprising is the wrong word, but it was nice to feel that way - all sentimental and stuff. 

I would give up housework if I could afford a cleaner, but wouldn't we all?  And how about a personal chef?!  Four short words for ya... 1. Buy 2. a  3. lotto 4. ticket!

I can't give up exercise at the moment either, especially since I have just recently taken up some strenuous exercise.  I am planning on doing the "Step Up for MS" event on April 29th.  It is a climb of 1096 stairs, up Perth's largest building - Central Park.  Yes I am crazy.  My hubby inspired me last year when he completed it in about 11 minutes with no training.  This is the website http://www.stepupforms.org.au/event-information.html#  If you live in Perth, maybe you might like to join me.  The more the merrier!

I can't give up watering my plants or they will die and I'll have nothing pretty and green to look at during Western Australia's long hot summer. Obviously!!!

You know what I can't give up living a normal life, so study will just have to fit in with my life.  After I get back from picking up my daughter from school I am going to write a plan for the next 3 months.  It's only three months of being super dooper organised, then I can go back to my relaxed version of organised. 

Or not, because then my thesis will be due! 

As a very clever friend once advised me, baby steps.  And if baby steps is what it takes to keep me sane for the next 3 months then baby steps it is.

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