Sunday, January 9, 2011

Trivial Pursuit

Funniest thing happened last night and I am sure I can say it is a first for me!  I had just read the newspaper when Ryan came out of the shower and asked if I wanted to play kiddie Trivial Pursuit.  I agreed, so Ryan set up the little board.  He got the highest score, so he got to have his turn first.  I read the first question and he got the question right.  It was the kids version of Trivial Pursuit, right, so he just kept getting the questions correct.  He ended up finishing the game before I even had a turn.

So we decided not to play the board part of the game, but just ask the questions.  So Ryan asked me the questions... no biggie, I half watched tv and half listened to the questions.  I was feeling quiet tired, and really should have gone to bed... but I feel like an unadult if I go to bed too early.

So Ryan keeps asking the questions and the next thing I hear is, are you going answer that?  It turns out I fell asleep after answering one question and somewhere before answering the next one.  I don't even remember hearing the question actually.  I can fairly say that I have never fallen asleep mid conversation before, although I'm sure, on many occasions I have wanted to.

This time last year I was having some issue with sleep and being unable to go to sleep.  Once I was asleep I was fine... I had never had any problems with sleep before, but post-natal depression can rear it's head in many different guises.  I had two nights of absolutely no sleep what so ever, due to no fault of my baby's and it has taken me a full year to undo those two anxious nights of conditioning myself not to sleep.  But it appears I have done it!

Mr C went into my stomach today.  Not much stinging was evident, but I have a red mark to prove I did have the injection and no welt.  This is quite unlike my thighs, which are sporting 2 lovely red, hard welts.  The itching continues - I am trying to be good humoured about it because I know if I am not, I will be cranky and horrible.  And no one likes a cranky, horrible mum and wife...  

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