Monday, January 10, 2011

Itchy Part 2

I didn't have an itch all day.  I was feeling quite happy with myself until I had a little tickle on my back.  I asked my husband to give me a little scratch and my daughter joined in.... as she has started to do these days.  If I give her back a rub, she will reciprocate and give me one too.  Anyway, I digress... it is so blissful to have a back rub, usually that is... until a simple back rub results in a chain reaction of itchiness.  My hips followed then my stomach and thighs - arrrhhhh.  When is a simple itch not an itch - when Mr C is in da house.

I had in injection in my stomach today.  Not much sting or redness - not even a welt.  Yee-haa.

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