Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Mr C and I have had an interesting couple of days.  Remember the big welt on my right thigh from 3 days ago?  Well it is still red... it's not the original size of the welt, probably half the size now.  There is also a lump under the skin too and it has started to itch.

Yesterday, in an effort to miss the itching site on my stomach from about six days ago, I asked Ryan to inject me in my stomach about 15cm away from my belly button, maybe 5cm in from and above my hip.  He said are you sure that's going into fat and I was fairly sure.  But it hurt like... hmmm um kicking all your toes at once (???).  It's didn't do the stinging so much, but instead it was a slow burning throb.  It was a hard feeling to explain.  I don't think it was such a good spot... due to the pain and because every time I moved, the site stretched and hurt all over again.  It isn't red though... I put heat on the site instead of a cold pack, which seems to bring up a welt.  The heat doesn't stop the stinging, but it does seem effective in combatting redness and welts.

Today Mr C went into my right hand side stomach.  I used heat again and there was a little redness, but it went away.  So far there is no welt or lump.   This is good news!

The side effects, really aren't that big a deal.  The redness and welts are all in places that are covered, except when I go swimming.  I guess if I am swimming and I get asked about the welts - it won't be a stranger asking, but an acquaintance or friend.  I don't think I will have any issues with saying I am on medication for MS... I doubt I would have an issue telling that to a stranger for that matter.  The itching so far isn't shocking.  I can stop myself... but I will be asking my MS nurse for a list of creams that work or an antihistamine to try. 

It's no big deal if Mr C is working and doing it's job. I won't know this for 6 months when my next MRI is scheduled and until then I have to believe it is working and working well..

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