Monday, January 17, 2011

Worn Out - My Non-Weekend

It's fair to say that I am worn out today.  My darling husband decided he was playing bowls, the lawn variety, both days of the weekend - in the middle of the school holidays, so that I didn't get my weekend!

There is only so many times you can hear, mummy what are we doing today, before you start to rip the hair from your own head - 'cause I've run out of ideas big time!  I would have liked a break away from my official position as chief entertainment organiser (and referee).  But it just wasn't to be because lawn bowls (yes old people's lawn bowls) was given priority this weekend been.

It's so hard to come up with ideas when it is 36 degrees celsius outside... the kiddly-winks played under the sprinkler this morning for half an hour donned in their best slip slop slap.  Our neighbours tree, provided a little shade, but it's not like the kids stayed in it.  Oh and then there's the issue of the sprinkler... I could cop a huge fine for turning my sprinkler on, on the wrong day and today is the wrong day.... shhhh!  Not to mention that I am totally the wicked witch of the west when it's time to pack up!

I had to do ALL the nappies, ALL the washing, ALL the feeding, listen to ALL the whinging and crying... ALL WEEKEND - is it really that surprising that I am knackered, when I've had no time to recuperate?  The weekend is time for me to share my lovely offspring with my adorable husband!

On top of my non-weekend.... (because it was just like every other weekday of the school holidays), my Mr C sites were driving me insane with their itching.  My right stomach site came up in a medium sized welt and decided it would do a pas de deux with my most recent thigh site.  It felt like my whole right side was doing wriggly irritating dancing.  I tried to keep my cool and continuously reapplied Soov, but my temper started to wear t-h-i-n by the end of the day.

Today was the turn of my left hip.  Had it not been for the click of the autoinjector, I would not have known Mr C had been injected.  There was no immediate sting or burn.  It gave me an intermittent sting a while after, but other than that the site has played nicely today.  I say today... because you never know what you are gonna get tomorrow!

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