Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crowd Blindness

I was out at the local farmer markets today with my kids and mum.   My son had his hair trimmed by an exhuberant Asian man.  I get a little scared about little exhuberant Asian men who are hairdressers, but that is a story for another time.

We were walking through the crowd... I don't remember if I was talking to my mum or staring ahead looking for a path for my stroller, when my daughter started calling out, Xavi Xavi.  She had spotted a friend, her mother and grandmother.  All of whom we know.  I was a little embarrassed, because I could have been staring right at them for all I know, but didn't see them!  Clearly I am never going to be a detective... and perhaps I would be a good target for a pick-pocket!

My husband always thinks I am faking it when I don't see people.  For instance, we where shopping in a mall when we apparently walked past my sisters husband's family - apparently not one or two of them, but like eight!  Ryan said, oh were you trying to avoid them?  I'm like, who?  I truly did not see them.  I hope they didn't see me or they might think I was being appalling rude!

I will admit that sometimes I do see people and just pass by... I'm sure we all do it, when we are in a hurry or if we are feeling unsociable because the enfant terribles have been nagging you all day or if you don't particularly like someone.  I don't do this often... but if you know me and I pass you by you'll be wondering!

My husband always bumps into people he knows - always.  I'm not sure if it because he grew up in Perth, or if he knows a lot of people or both, but he always sees someone he knows when we are out.  We have spoken about it, and if he doesn't introduce me, I should introduce myself, because he cannot remember their name/s.  This happens rarely for him... because firstly, he has a good memory for names and he has some formula for remembering names... one that I haven't yet mastered, probably because I don't know it and mostly I am ok with saying I'm sorry, I have forgotten your name.  Is that rude?

Maybe it's because I never expect to see people I know when I am out and about... because I didn't grow up in Perth.  It would be different if I was walking down the main street of my home town.  Or maybe it is because I think I don't know many people - so as you can see this scenario could be a self-perpetuating circle.

Do I need to expect that I will see people I know to see the people I know in a crowd?

Moving right along then... Mr C has been treating me fine.  In some spots, like my fat belly, I don't feel the sting for quite a long time - maybe a minute or two.  But it really depends on the spot within the spot if you know what I mean.  Bouncy bit of the hips - not so much sting, less bouncy bit of the hips more sting.  Thighs always sting and I have been told that the back of your arms are quite sensitive and thus will sting more...

This week I am going to a "Newly Diagnosed" seminar.  I have never been to one before, and while this is not me per se, I have just started medication, and my quirky neurologist is doing a talk, so I am quite looking forward to it.  I have it on good authority that I do not need to prepare myself mentally for people with disablity... in the past I have been unwilling to attend these things for this main reason.  I have been to the MS Society headquarters maybe only 2 or 3 times and it is always confronting when someone is wheeled through reception with varying degrees of disablity.  It's confronting, sad and scary!  I'm sure no one wants to think about these things happening to themselves and I'm no different.  Thats why I take my Mr C each day with a smile... well almost anyways.

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