Friday, December 31, 2010

Itchy and Other Side Effects

I have noticed over the last few days... well maybe the last 3 that my injection sites have been playing up.  They seem to coincide with me injecting myself. 

I did my outside right thigh and it came up immediately in a big welt - like an egg.  That went, but now there is a lump under the skin.  The next day I did my left hand side stomach and that site seemed ok until yesterday, when it began to itch.  It has also retained some redness as has the following days site on the other side of my stomach. 

Yesterday I did my left hand side hip and it did it's usual sting, so I put some ice on it.  It didn't really bother me during the day, but I noted that by evening shower time it had developed into a bruise!

So this morning, since Ryan is back from camping, he gave my right hand side hip a dose of Mr C.  So far so good.  I put a bit of ice on it and I haven't looked at it.  So fingers crossed that it's not turning into a bruise or itchy lump.

Hip injection sites are quite a good site for injecting, because it is quite unlikely that I'm going to bare my hips for anyone to see.  However, if you know me at all or happen to be around Ryan when he is pulling the piss out of me, you would know that perhaps hip injections are not the best place.  Ryan likes to call me a "scratching chicken".  Mostly because I stand with my hands on my hips a lot and maybe once or twice he has seen me standing with my hands on my hips, rubbing my feet on the carpet.... because they are ITCHY but unfortunately a bit like a scratching chicken, according to Ryan!  Hence I'm the scratching chicken.  I have found though, that having my hands on my hips often means I press on injection sites, which can be a bit tender.  I haven't noticed it much before now, but I guess I am becoming a bit like a pin cushion.

This morning I woke up and noticed that my L'Hermitte's sign was switched on.
L'Hermittes sign is the name given to an electric shock-like sensation which often presents itself with multiple sclerosis; although Lhermitte's sign is not exclusive to ms.  Typically, the electric shock-like sensation radiates from the neck downwards and lasts for a very short duration; usually less than a second. The sensations can repeat indefinitely so that it might feel almost continuous.  The areas affected by Lhermitte's sign are usually the arms and / or the legs, although the sensations can radiate to the trunk.  This was one of my first symptoms.  It's a hard one to explain though... especially if you know nothing about it.  It seems easy now, first thing in the morning when I stretch I get a buzzing all through my limbs and butt.

My right calf and foot also seem to feel a bit funny too.  Hard to know if this is something new or just a repeat of an old symptom.  C'mon Mr C, do your job.

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