Sunday, December 12, 2010

Great Weekend

So this weekend has flown by... as they often do when you are having fun.  Shame it's not the other way around!!  Bad weekend - fast, good weekend - drag. No such luck!

Yesterday we went off to our friend Jacquie and Damian's place for their annual xmas get together.  Little did I know when I met Jacquie at playgroup, when Chynna was a little bub that I would make a friend whose opinion and friendship I value very much.  I have actually made a lot of new and good friends through having children.  Far more than I ever made as a childless adult!

Jacquie and Damian's backyard is decked out for kids.  Trampoline, cubby, swing set, loads of toys, sand pit, soft grass and access to inside with no hassle from said home owners.  So it's nice for the parents too, because most people who are there have kids, it's like having eyes in the back of your head.  Someone is always watching what is going on.... although that doesn't stop little accidents from happening - like Sabin wearing Chynna's racket on his cheek (I'll own up, that was my watch) and Sabin falling into the sandpit and banging his eyebrow (Ryan's watch, but as he pointed out, who would leave a toddler in the hands of someone who has been drinking beers and bourbon all afternoon, hmmmm).

The adults get a nice casual arvo, with good homemade tucker, alcohol and conversation.  So no complaints here.  It started to get a little amusingly untidy in the evening.  Next year we have vowed to take CMM's and SAM's pj's and sleeping sofa's so we can continue on the festivities and participate in Singstar!

Today we went to one of Chynna's kindy friend's birthday party.  It too was a great party that will be remembered.  Who can beat a party with a pool, slip and slide and sprinkler.  I always wanted a slip and slide.  I would probably hurt myself now.  It was very hot - 36 degrees was the forecast, so the water looked very inviting.  I said out loud that I wished I'd worn my bathers, but no one else seemed as keen on the idea as me... shy perhaps!!

So again with many eyes on the kids it was nice to have some conversation with the other mums.  I also had a little hold of little Courtney, Maz's new daughter, who is beautiful.  A third for me is currently off the table, with no majority reached... oh and then there is the medication.

Due to the business of the weekend I have had little time to dwell on the Big C.  He sits in the fridge, waiting. 

I've told a few people of the events of the last few days.  Those who knew of my MS previously have said that I have been so brave during the last seven years.  I don't think I have been brave... I haven't had a lot of choice about how I have acted.  You just have to get on with it - life that is after falling apart at diagnosis.  As with everything to do with me, I like the illusion that I have some control over my life and the things that happen to me.  So I research, read, learn and make adjustments.

Those people who didn't know, handled it well.  But how would you handle it such new information anyway?  For those people I consider friends I like them to know I have MS, because it is a part of me.... unfortunately, and it sometimes taints my decisions, explains my vegetarianism and explains why we aren't going away camping over the festive season, as we seemed to have collected some eager campers to join us along the way.

I am blessed to have good and understanding friends, a supportive and house trained husband and two happy kids.

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