Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One sleep...

I am exhausted...  but I am not complaining.  I have been nice and busy.  No time to dwell, no time to panic. 

Today my daughter had her Christmas kindy concert.  They did Six White Boomers and she had a talking role as the joey.  We practiced a little at home and she knew her three lines quite well.  However I never told her to say her lines loudly, so, today I couldn't hear her little voice over the music playing and the outside noise of kids playing.  Other than that she didn't get stage fright and seemed to enjoy herself.  I am so proud of her.

Earlier in the morning I went to a kindy mum's house and had a chat and cup of chai.  She lives on the same block, diagonally across from our house - just around the corner really.  She is a happy, capable and generous woman, of a similar mind set to me so far, so I look forward to growing that friendship.  Her son too, is capable, courteous and clever.

Then funnily enough, we ended up back at her house after kindy, with two other kindy parents (they are married), who are also lovely, genuine people.  Their boys are polite and just gorgeous.  We had some laughs, a champagne or two and some hot crossed buns - yes, odd just before Christmas, but just as delicious as if it were Easter! 

I will be please if my daughter hangs out with aforementioned parents kids and some of the other kids from kindy.  They all seem well grounded, courteous and come from parents who care, genuinely, about their offspring's education, social and emotional development.

Still no complaining on my part, but here it is people... where has this year of kindy gone? It seems just yesterday that I was walking my daughter to her first day.  Will she be all grown and leaving home before I know it... or does this whirlwind all slow down at about 13 years old, just when you wished it would hurry up?

At 4pm we headed out of a bit of Christmas shopping.  Yum yum, Maya Masala for dinner.  Indian, mmm my favourite.  I was shocked but not surprised that although the shops are now allowed to stay open, most were closed.  People were scarce.  My guess is that Perth's population is too small to sustain all week late night shopping.  Having experienced late night shopping, every night in Vancouver and then in the penultimate late night shopping cities of Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, where there are people everywhere all the time, I doubt Perth  will ever have the population or tourist industry to generate the necessity for all shops to be open every night.  Although I am glad to have it.  We didn't get home until 8pm and my son was well and truly done.

Tomorrow is AI day.  The MS nurse comes at midday.  I don't have my auto injector yet...  I wasn't home when DHL came by to deliver it and it's kit.  I did suggest to my husband that I could delay the appointment, but he shook his head, without giving it another thought.  My date with Mr C is on then, in just one more sleep.  I guess it's the beginning of a new chapter in a book composed of many, with many more to come.

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