Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lumpy and Bumpy

Mr C went into my left hip fat today.  My groom was happy to give me the injection again.  I still feel a bit squirmy, both, having the needle, because needles are supposed to hurt (and most do) and because the medicine is supposed to sting badly.  Neither in this case is true... so I have to undo the previous conditioning I guess!

Today's injection did sting a little more, but I put an ice pack on the site and then I couldn't tell the difference between the cold burn and sting burn!  Funny thing though, after I took the ice pack off, the site looked like I had been bitten ten times by a mosquito in an area about the size of a 20 cent piece.  It's possible this could have happened... because there are so many hungry mosquitoes around at the moment, perhaps it was just testing if it's proboscis was sharp enough or maybe it was calculating how many bites it would have to give me before I swatted it away.  Anyhow, this odd bitey pattern then proceeded to turn into a large, hard welt.

I'm wondering if this is because when you put ice on your skin the area vasoconstricts, which may mean the medicine just sits in the fat longer because the blood flow is restricted.  Perhaps a couple of hours later, the welt was gone.

If I press around the area it's a little bit tender, more so than my belly injection sites.  Tomorrow I will try a hot pack and see if the welt doesn't occur.  It's a funny feeling to know that I don't have to hurry to work out what works best with this self-injection routine.  I'm going to be doing it for a long time and really so far just injecting without hot/cold packs or pressing the site after injection has been fine.  I am nervous about doing my thighs though.  I know they are fat thighs, but the fat isn't as wobbly as on my stomach and hips.  Oh well time will tell!!

We had a nice little outing today to the park for my husband's family's Christmas Picnic.  It is so nice to hang out with his family, because they are all so generous with their time, support and love.  And I mean all of them.  We don't do it so much anymore, so its great when we do all get together.  Three of us girls have children who are all about the same age.  It's so cool to see them turning into little people with there own personalities - independent and outgoing, placid and laid back, and clever and quietly sophisticated.  Miss Four is in her element with the toddlers. She really enjoyed playing with my sons trucks that he unwrapped with her help.

I was supposed to go out tonight, but I am really tired.  So I am having an early night instead.  Night night sleepyhead.

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