Thursday, December 16, 2010

First One Done...

Well I had my meeting with Mr C today.  It wasn't as bad as I expected.  My motto is, expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised when its not as bad as you thought.  Of course that gets on my husbands nerves... too negative and pessimistic for him.  It serves me well though.

I can say that the needle is tiny... so tiny it's like a strand of hair.  I barely felt it.  Once you press the auto inject device, you then count to ten SLOWLY, then you remove the needle.  I reckon its about 30 seconds to a minute later that you feel the sting... it builds up to a burning sting, but it is bearable, totally bearable. 

The nurse mentioned that she has had to chase people around to inject them.  I did feel like I wanted to escape, so that I didn't have to start down this part of daily "serious" medication, but I waited and listened and didn't tell the nurse to stop yakking and hurry the f up.

I got a really supportive message this morning from a pregnant friend.  It was so nice of her to remember, because I know that she isn't having an easy time of it either.  Among other things, she wrote, don't give it more attention than it needs.  That is so going to be my mantra with injecting this stuff.

So the redness at the injection site did appear slowly, but it isn't a welt, thank God and it disappeared fairly quickly.  In fact you can't even tell I've had an injection.  So maybe this is because I was injected in the belly where I have loads of fat, it might or might not be different in other places.  It's kind of a bit noticeable when I move, but not painful.

All I can say, is that if you are reading this and you have MS and you plan on writing on your experiences with self injection and MS medication, please think about what you write.  People are by nature open to suggestion, and if you write the worst they will believe it, regardless if it was a one off, or you are exaggerating or if you have a low pain threshold etc etc.  It is a horrible disease that we all wish we didn't have and we  really don't want to have to give ourselves hardcore medication by injection... but we also don't want to scare people who are newly diagnosed out of their witts and off medication.  I know I have only had one shot, and I still have much more to experience, but after reading all the forums on the net I was afraid of Mr C. 

He's not my friend yet, because I have to press that button all on my own tomorrow.  But if he can modulate my disease, by being a decoy then I'm willing to give it a shot (shot - get it!!)

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