Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I spent most of today putting together our Christmas tree... a little late I hear you say.  Well we kind of, sort of, had an unspoken agreement that we wouldn't be putting up our very tall and white Christmas tree this year due to our Chief Inspector16 month old and also our 7 month old pup, Humphrey.  I tried to work out a way it could go up, like putting it up on the dining table, but the tree is too tall, would hit the ceiling and thus look ridiculous.  I also decided that if there was any other way that would work, hubby would have thought of it.

I don't mind really that the tree isn't going up.  I like putting up the tree - but dislike dislike dislike taking it down and packing away all those little ornaments in their little boxes.

But I had a brain wave this morning.  We could make a tree out of cardboard and decorate it and stick it to the wall.  My husband apparently also had the same brain wave last night.  Perhaps he whispered it to me in my sleep!  And get this - its super easy to pack away, jut take it off the wall and put it in the bin (or in another place like the garage).

So off we went to Officeworks to get some green cardboard.  When we came home, I drew a pretty specky curly tree and cut it out.  Then I downloaded some Chrissie templates, like angels and reindeers and Miss Four coloured them in with the help of our Japanese visitor, Taeko.  We then cut them out and glued them to the tree.  I added some glitter to make tinsel and baubles, when Miss Four wasn't looking, but I still made a mess and glitter will be appearing everywhere for the next 6 months.  Then I found some brown card and made the tree a pot.  So I am now waiting for the glue and glitter to dry.
Perhaps if I am super clever I will work out how to post a photo of the tree when I stick it to the wall.  It's a masterpiece!!            

Mr C revisited my left hand side belly today.  Stung a bit, but nothing more than some redness appeared and then disappeared!  Lucky me.

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