Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Little Light Relief...

So a couple of weeks ago, my mother went in for keyhole surgery to remove her gall bladder and three teeny tiny gall stones.  It's the small ones that cause all the problems, so I'm told. 

My daughter, who is four caught wind of this and we had to explain to her that her Gran was ok, but had three small holes in her stomach.

A few days after the surgery we went to Gran's house for afternoon tea and coffee.  Miss Four said, "Oh Gran will have to be careful because all the coffee will run out of the holes." 

I tried my hardest not to laugh, it wasn't easy, and, I nodded to acknowledge her remarks.

When we got there, Miss Four requested to see the said holes and Gran obliged by lifting her top to reveal big padded bandaids covering the holes.  Miss Four nodded in approval, stating that the bandaids would keep the coffee in so Gran could have a cup of coffee.

I wonder what Miss Four would come up with if she knew about the holes in my brain.  I'm pretty sure they would ooze chocolate on a fairly regular basis.  Hmmm... crazy chocolate mental insane!  Sounds like a fairly reasonable way to lose your brain.

Only two more sleep... before my date with Mr C.

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