Friday, December 17, 2010

Day Two

My groom gave me my injection today in the stomach, opposite side to yesterday.  He did a pretty good job, except he didn't bring the needle out straight, not that I felt it, but we both heard it.  The reactions were the same as yesterday, stinging after 30 seconds, which lasted for about half an hour and then another hour on and off.  The same redness appeared, but I have no welt, just a little left over redness, but it's barely noticeable.  The stinging is not like a bee sting, a friend who was stung recently said they "really bloody hurt", and having post traumatic stress about Miss Four's bee sting performance earlier this year, I think it confirms Mr C does not sting like a bee.  It's really a non-event.  I will be keeping an eye out for weight gain of course.

Earlier this week I caught up with my best friend and her two kiddies.  Her daughter (and my god-daughter - yay, I'm a fairy godmother) is the same age as my son, only she is two weeks older - couldn't have planned it better if we had tried!  Her son is 3 years old.  We were going to go out to Fun Station, but I remembered that I needed to hang out my washing before we left.  I have forgotten several times and hubby gets home from work and asks me about it... mostly I don't have a good excuse - oh I was on Facebook, really doesn't cut it.

So we adults and 16 month olds went outside to attend to the washing, while Miss Four and Mr Three stayed inside.  After about five minutes, Miss Four raced outside and dobbed that Mr Three had a black texta and was drawing on himself.  To clarify the truth of this dob I asked where the texta was from, to which the reply was, in the study, he got up on the chair and got it down. 

Out came Mr Three and yes he did have scribble on his arm in big black texta.  My friend said, oh that looks like your daughters name written on his arm.  I opened my mouth to defend her, saying she can bearly write her name on paper and I was going to finish with, let alone on an arm, when I looked more closely at his arm.  Sure enough, it said my daughters name!

I asked her if she did it, and she looked me in the eye and gave me a straight faced no!

Oh my god... am I raising the world's youngest graffiti artist? 

I know that Miss Four really likes Mr Three, so perhaps she was staking her claim to him!!

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