Friday, December 24, 2010

Hot Hot Hot BBQ

It's bloody hot.  There was consensus at this evenings, small, get-into-the-festive-season Christmas Eve bbq... that none of us like the heat and that we are all moving to a cooler city!  Hobart for instance, was bandied around.  The weather said that it was only 32 degrees, but it felt much hotter.  I guess the humidity will do that - hot and uncomfortably sticky - yuck!

Our little bbq consisted of my husbands mother and grandmother and our good friends, who happen to be our son's godparents and their two kids.  Their youngest is the same age as our son... only 2 weeks difference.  We couldn't have planned it better if we'd tried.  We mentioned having our next babies at the same time after the birth of our eldest kids, but then we never mentioned it again.  Until I phoned to say, hey I'm pregnant and the voice on the other end of the line said, so am I!!! We were only a few days apart, but my goddaughter came early and my son came late.  But it still worked out well... they are still hitting the same milestones at the same time. 

It's equally sweet that my daughter who is one and a half years older than their son get along like a house on fire.

There was plenty of good tucker at the bbq, thanks to hubby and if I to continue eating at the rate I did tonight then I can expect some fat cell retaliation!

Mr C in my left hip was a bit stingy again today.  It didn't help that hubby didn't bring the needle out straight - ouch!  I came up in a big-ish red mark that disappeared by lunch.  It truly does help if you just get on with your normal stuff because you aren't clock watching and waiting for the sting to finish.

Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night.  Santa only comes when you're sleeping... because in this weather he'll only be wearing red budgie smugglers!

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