Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baby Boy's Second Birthday Party Plus Overdrive

A little while ago, my baby boy, Sabin had his second birthday!  I still can't believe he is already two.  Where did that time go?  He is my dream, text book child... I know that sounds horribly like favouritism, but he would be anyone’s dream child.  He sleeps, eats (lots), is sociable, calm and funny.  He's not at all querulous... except when it comes to his toy trains and cars!!

We invited family and close friends to Sabin's second birthday party.  I can hear your brain ticking over... how many close friends can a two year old have?  Well believe it or not, since he was born he has been accompanying me to school with Chynna five days a week and this has resulted in him adopting a second, third and fourth mum and also a second, third and fourth dad.  These are people we see frequently and who Sabin recognises to the degree of running to them and giving them a hug and kiss when they are in the near vicinity.  It's lovely to watch and I totally get a kick out of seeing those second, third and fourth mums and dads loving the attention Sabin pours on them.  He is such a special little petal!

As Sabin is into cars and recognises Lightning McQueen, I decided to make him a racing car cake.  It was pretty simple and turned out a treat.  I also made some chocolate gluten free cupcakes for the gluten intolerant kiddlet and a vegan cake for myself.  I try to mollify everyone's dietary needs because I know what it is like attending a party and being able to eat squat.  Everyone liked the gluten free chocolate cupcakes, but no one liked the vegan cake.  I accidently sprinkled a Japanese salt seasoning on top of it, instead of the Japanese strawberry sugar... these two items were gifts from one of our Japanese homestay visitors and clearly, I cannot read Japanese.  I thought the salt on top was a nice accident!  Kudos to those who tried it. My husband took the day off work and made a meat curry and chickpea curry in the slow cookers for the adult’s party dinner and the kids feasted on tortellini.  

Sabin's Poppy R, rang several days before his birthday and inquired as to what Sabin might like for his birthday.  A few weeks earlier, we were waiting in line at Subway, when in walked a little girl with her mother.  The little girl was carrying a "Hoot" toy owl, the host character from the kids TV channel, ABC2.  Sabin was fascinated with her Hoot, but the little girl was not at all eager to part with or even show her toy to Sabin.  So I said to Poppy R, I haven't mentioned this gift to anyone else - he will totally love it!  I really talked it up because I witnessed Sabin's reaction to the little girls’ Hoot in Subway! 

On the party night, Poppy R was running a little late.  Sabin had already opened many gifts and was very happy with his Chuggington train set and Matchbox car ramp among other things.  I managed to drag him away from these toys and sat him down ready to open the Hoot present.  We all stood around expectantly... he ripped the paper, look at the Hoot and kind of just went, oh big blue soft owl thing so where are my trains at?  What a fizzer... and to this day I still haven't seen him play with the big Hoot.  I say big Hoot, because Poppy R thought he was onto a good thing and bought a hand puppet Hoot as well!  We use hand puppet Hoot as a mobile above his change table!  Not much can compete with cars and trains at the moment... I still feel terrible about my judgement.

After the candle blowing, cake cutting and eating, all family members vacated the premises at a speed of knots, however Sabin's three other mums and dads hung around with their own children... seven in total, nine including mine.  It then became an adult shindig.  The kids were all pretty happy playing together, with only a few adult interventions required.  Slowly but surely the kids were put down somewhere comfy... it's not like we have seven spare beds!  The kids made a few adjustments among themselves... but soon enough, we could not hear anymore carry on!  I noticed all the boys went to sleep before the girls, who were too busy nattering to sleep, is this any surprise to you?

The adult party was in full swing before the kids went to bed, but went into overdrive afterwards.  It was a low key, sit around the table, shooting the shit affair. I guess we all share a similar outlook on life, have quite similar senses of humour and all live pretty close together, so are not constrained by having to drive miles in the middle of the night - some of us even live within walking distance of each other.  I can only speak for myself, but I really enjoy Sabin's super extended family's company and carousing with them regularly really brightens my life, considerably.

What's this boy's birthday going to be like when he turns twenty-one?  Was the question one of Sabin's other mothers was asked when re-telling details of the night.  On her way out, this mother somehow fell out our front door and sprained her ankle.  Another of Sabin's mother's fell off her chair.  I thought I was going to be unlucky number three... but I got away with not a scratch on me.  And to answer the question... I think Sabin will happily ban us from his twenty first birthday.

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  1. Oh I remember those days - little kids and birthday parties. Well done, Lee-Anne, and enjoy it while you can because it will all pass way too soon!


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