Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In Desperate Need...

Of some "likes" for my entry into Ctrip's Dream Vacation competition. I think "likes" are probably the most accurate record of how many people are actually voting for each entry in the comp and I think likes will carry a substantial weight in the final result (especially if the judges are alert to and care about cheating).  And it is a super easy thing to do also... so easy my five year old could do it.

So please consider these your super easy instructions... 

Please go here http://english.ctrip.com/DreamVacation/Page/Vote.asp

Next scroll down to my entry, which is entitled, "West Aus Hot for the Cool of China Dream Vacation"

On finding my entry, hit the "like" button.

That's it and thank you for your time. Of course this will only work if you have a Facebook account.

If you decide to read my entry, which is entirely optional, you may wish to leave a comment regarding how super exciting my entry sounds compared to the others.  There is no need for you to read the others, unless you really want to... just believe me when I say my entry is the best!  This again this is entirely your call, however I know some of you are exceptional writers and your comment could increase my chances - use an alias if you wish!

To my regular readers, sorry I have posted about this yet again... unless I win I promise not to mention it here again at any great length.  

Oh, this is an important point... voting closes at midnight, Wed 27th of Sept 2011.  That is Perth, West Australian time (GMT + 8:00).

Please like my entry.  Over and out.

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