Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One Year of Masters Done.

Phew, got to catch my breath.

Wow, my first year of Masters in clinical psychology is done! I'm not sure if I passed my exam, let alone the units yet... but I think I have done all right.

I have learnt so much more about psychology and what it means to be a psychologist this year than I did in my entire undergrad. Crazy, I know.

Early on in the year I went from full-time to part-time. It was too much... for me and my family... and by that I mean too much for ME! I was looking at seeing clients and I was already at uni 5 days a week and studying like a mad person on the weekends. I was speaking to a friend in the course recently who said the previous week he had spent 66 hours doing work related to university, and that was a mid-range week! I made the right decision to go part-time, but I am envious of my colleagues who are half way through their two year degree, while I have two years to go.

But I have done it! First year down. Yay me!

Now I have to wait until early March to go back... what will I do with my time? Um, self care... read a novel in my hammock perhaps, go to the beach... laze around? I'm thinking about finding a part-time summer job, that will work around the kiddly-winks school, as that should keep me out of trouble.


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